I had the chance to play with a Huawei P10 a while ago and enjoyed some gaming on it as well. I put the game Crash of Cars to the test and enjoyed it quite a bit. And that’s on account of the mindless fun you can have with it.

Crash of Cars has excellent graphics and an excellent way of rendering the cars in 3D. There are quite a few vehicles to unlock and some quirky abilities to have fun with. But first, let’s talk about the basics: you control a car by simply tapping on the left and right of the car. Weapons fire automatically and I’m talking about metal balls, rockets and you can even leave exploding mines behind.

Crash of Cars Review

The aim is to gather the crowns that vanquished cars leave behind when they explode. There are over 30 cars to unlock, many customizations and the levels are generous in size. The environment changes automatically, so one minute you’re playing in the desert, then in the forest and then at night in the field. The shield can be picked up, you can form a snowball and drive a crazy school bus.

You can even run around on the Moon and collect as many crowns as possible. It’s all one/two tap mindless fun and the cash is spent on cars and skins. It may be a very simple game, but it’s also very fun. We have a lot of destructible environments and physics aren’t half bad. We give it a 9 out of 10 and you can get it here.

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