FIBA Women World Cup

SYDNEY, Australia (AP) — A lot of ballers put on great performances during the FIBA Women World Cup, demonstrating that they are ready to take on larger responsibilities for their countries in the future.

We look at who had big breakthrough performances in Sydney.

With Jelena Brooks and the famous Sonja Vasic having retired from last year’s Olympics, Aleksandra Crvendakic injured, and Ana Dabovic AWOL, Nogic had no choice but to stand up and show herself as part of a new-look Serbia squad. She had previously only been given limited chances and court time, and this was her first big event in which she played a substantial part. Serbia advanced to the Quarter-Finals thanks to the guard, and they may have advanced farther if they hadn’t faced the United States at the FIBA Women World Cup. She came in second place with a respectable 10.2 points. Per game, he averages 4.3 rebounds and 1.8 assists.

Belgium’s Maxuella Lisowa-Mbaka

Belgium’s main player Emma Meesseman was injured throughout the tournament, but they still made it to the Quarter-Finals, where they were defeated by Australia. Despite this, the season was mostly encouraging, with a lot of younger players receiving vital experience at the FIBA Women World Cup. The agile Lisowa-Mbaka averaged an eye-catching 18 minutes per game while also shooting the ball well (56 percent from the field) and working hard on the glass (4.2 boards per game). On this premise, she may be a starting five baller for the Cats for some time.

Marine Fauthoux is a French model

FIBA Women World Cup, this was a different type of breakthrough achievement for Fauthoux, who had previously earned a silver medal at the FIBA Women’s EuroBasket and an Olympic bronze medal. This was a breakthrough in terms of her signaling to everyone that she can be France’s backcourt floor general in the coming years and play and contribute positively at the highest level. She helped lead an injury-plagued France to the Quarter-Finals, finishing second in both scoring (10.8) and assists (3.5) per game.

FIBA Women World Cup

Puerto Rico’s Mya Hollingshed

What a fantastic debut for Puerto Rico at the FIBA Women World Cup, as the forward was a driving force in a historic tournament for her home nation. She not only helped the Islanders win their first FIBA Women World Cup, but she also helped them reach the Quarter-Finals. She was a one-two punch with Arella Guirantes, and more than anything, it was the joyful manner she talked about her colleagues and the team culture that she soaked in. She was fantastic and came away with some incredible performances, ultimately averaging 13 points and 6.2 rebounds per game.

FIBA Women World Cup

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