Even back in the day when Final Fantasy Tactics was fashionable, I was surprised that people actually loved such a type of game. Now it seems that the trend has evolved and people are going crazy over the release of Fire Emblem Heroes on Android and iOS. We reviewed the game on Android and played it on the Sony Xperia X Performance.

It feels like Final Fantasy Tactics and X Com, but also in keeping with the Fire Emblem series. You get a bunch of heroes, classic heroes from the series, that we can summon as we play. 100 characters are available for unlocking, with surprisingly complex personalities and backstories. Don’t read too much into the story of the game though.

Fire Emblem Heroes Review

You move characters around on the map, by a few squares every time and the battles are pretty much automatic. Battle rounds are short in general, so the game was made to be played on the go. The game is quite generous with orbs and there’s also a stamina meter, so battles tend to get limited once you really progress in the game. Graphics aren’t half bad, for this type of game and while there may be a menu overload, at least they load up fast.

There’s a lot of tinkering with skills and upgrades, but I’ll let you check out the video review for that. In the end, it all depends if you’re ready to slightly strategize a very straightforward repetitive RPG. If you can, you’ll love the game. In the meantime, we give it an 8.7 and you can get it here.

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