What is pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 Microsoft Outlook Error and Why Does it Occur?

The pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 Microsoft outlook error is due to a conflict with the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) server, and The pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 Microsoft outlook error occurs due to the lousy setup of your software preferences. It would be best to double-check that all the entered parameters are correct with port numbers, authentications, and secure connection.

What do you mean by Error pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 in Email?

pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 is happened due to SMTP server, an SMTP server error can be precipitated by using an error in the setup in your email customer application (outlook app) for the outgoing (SMTP) email server. An issue with the username, password, server authentication, or server IP address can be given this error message when trying to send an email. If you want to right this error, you want to comprehend from the email provider to know what kind of authentication, none at all,  is needed by their mail server. Error pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 is happening due to a problem with the SMTP server, which happens due to terrible software program preferences arrangements. You will need to check again all the parameters entered are right from your port numbers, invulnerable connections, and authentication. This type of error no longer needs you to send any emails to different accounts. You can receive emails solely and open them in the inbox. You can locate the reply in the techniques or methods following.

Steps to follow to Fix a pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 Error:

An pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 error can be fixed by following some very simple steps. All a user needs to do is know when to use a method. following are some of the steps when a user face an error of such type:-

  • Clearing the caches and cookies from the device can be helpful in both removing an pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 error and also helping in the better functioning of the device. It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to resolve a mistake. It also accesses as a clearing tool for the software, making it all fresh and new.
  • Sometimes, using an auto repairing tool helps in debugging all the bugs created from an pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 error, leading to fixing the caused error. It is also a beneficial resource to get the other apps in one’s personal computer checked.
  • Having a backdated version of the Microsoft software can also result in the occurrence of such an error. One must always keep updating his software to prevent such an error.
  • Sometimes, users start using duplicate software, not knowing how to identify if it is accurate or not. In case of an error occurring, one must check for the version of the software he is using. He must make sure that he installs an original version and remove the duplicate one.


Microsoft Outlook is used in day-to-day communication with another, and it helps to connect with others providing information. Email is considered one of the best methods to communicate and reach your audience. With the changing technology, Microsoft outlook is supported by every one to speak. Errors like pii_email_065a57e82feb11879b55 may sometimes occur because of the Error. It mostly happens because many accounts are logged in to one device. Try clearing cache and cookies from the device, and reach these steps. The above techniques will help you resolve the Error.

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