Why does a pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 Error Occur?

Like any other Microsoft error, the  pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error can be a cause of various device failures when a user fails to maintain the proper procedure installing an outlook account. The pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error may occur. It can also occur if a user keeps on using a third-party application to enhance the functioning of his Microsoft account, there are various reasons which can lead to the occurrence of an pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error, and thus, the user needs to identify the fundamental reason behind the occurrence of such error on his device, once he recognizes the reason behind the error and knows the exact steps to use to fix such an occurrence, it becomes easier for the user to get through with the error without involving an expert’s support.

It comes in very handy for a user who uses Microsoft outlook regularly for his work to have a vast and profound knowledge regarding all the steps that one must know to fix an outlook error, be it of any type. However, an error of this type can be a significant threat to one’s account, leading to forbid one from sending emails to any recipient or receiving mails from any recipient. Once a user has an in-depth knowledge of all the steps of recovering the error, it is then that the user realizes that an error of such type is merely an operative error and can be fixed easily sitting at the comfort of the home. Sometimes an error of this type may lead to erasing all the emails, be it from the inbox or the outbox or even the draft box, which generally a user uses to save essential data for later use — following some easy steps and knowing when to apply which steps can help the user to prevent the occurrence of any such error on their device.

Steps such as installing the outlook account again after deleting it from the device, ensuring that the user has a stable internet connection, and sometimes in case of a deadly error, even clearing all the data from the outlook account can be helpful.

How To Fix pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 Error In Your Outlook Express Account?

There are actually a lot of solutions, this issue can be resolved within a few seconds. We’ve outlined all the solutions that you can try out on your PC in order to fix this issue with your Outlook express. Go ahead and perform the below-mentioned solutions to get the issue resolved on your PC.

Method 1:- Fix Using Auto Repair Tool On Windows

In case if you didn’t know, there is an auto repair tool on your Windows that can diagnose a program and fix the issues if there are any. Using this method, you can easily fix the Outlook application on your PC and get the pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error resolved. The steps for using the auto repair tool on Windows are as follows.

  1. Go ahead and right-click on the “Start” or Windows” icon located on your desktop.
  2. In the context menu, select the “Control Panel” option and wait for it to open up.
  3. Select the “Programs and Features” option located on the right side of the Control Panel.
  4. On the next screen, you will find a list of all the programs installed on your PC.
  5. Find the “Microsoft Outlook” application from the list to proceed further.
  6. Click on the “Edit” option situated at the top of the window and select the “Repair” option.
  7. The repair tool will automatically fix all the issues in the application, that’s all.

Once the issue has been fixed, you should be able to start sending emails to others like before without any issues. This method works in most cases, in case if you still see the pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error, then go ahead with the next solution.

Method 2:- Review Server Requirements On Your PC

In order to send emails from your Outlook account, you need to make sure that you have set the correct preferences in settings. Go ahead and follow these steps properly to fix the error pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 on your PC.

  • Launch the Microsoft Outlook application on your PC to begin the process.
  • Click on the “File” option in the application and wait for the next screen to appear.
  •  Navigate to “Account Settings” and select the “email” tab in the next window.
  • Go ahead and select your main Outlook account from the list in the window.
  • Click on the “More Settings” option and open up the “Internet Mail Setting” option.
  • Go to the General tab in the next window and my outgoing server (SMTP) requires an authentication option.
  • Save the settings by clicking on the “OK” option in the same window.

Now the issue must have been fixed, you can try sending emails to others from your Outlook express account and see if the issue still remains.

Method 3:- Configure Port Numbers Correctly On Your PC

If the above-mentioned two methods do not work, then the port numbers in the Outlook application must have been configured improperly. In that case, you will have to manually review and change the port numbers on your PC. Go ahead and perform these steps properly.

  • Once again, open up the Microsoft Outlook application on your PC.
  • Click on the “File” option and head over to the “Account Settings” option.
  • In the Account Settings, click on the “email” option and choose your main account from the list.
  • Within a few seconds, a new window will pop up, you need to select the “Advanced” option in it.
  • Locate the SMPT port number in the window and change the number to 587.
  • Confirm the changes and click on the “OK” option to save the settings.

Now simply restart the Microsoft Outlook application and you will no longer face the error while sending emails to other users from your account. This method will definitely fix the error pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 and you should be able to start using Outlook as usual on your PC.

Method 4: check all the duplicate account, select them and delete it from the PC

Sometimes, we do not know the exact issue or problem of any error. However, we have mentioned different methods and techniques to solve the Microsoft outlook error code pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 along with the reasons, why does it occur. 

One another reason for this error could be the duplicate outlook accounts that you have added. However, if this is the reason, then I will recommend one to follow the steps that we had given below for the solutions. Here are the steps.

  • First, you need to open the Microsoft Outlook application on your PC.
  • Click on the menu bar and then on the settings.
  • After that, you need to click on the mailing box.
  • After that, you will find the list of duplicate accounts. You only have to figure them out and remove them.
  • Go back to the application and see if the error persists.

Method 5: Disable the Antivirus program

Sometimes, the error occurs due to antivirus programs. It is because they stop the server if they found any conscious activity. However, one can follow the below-given steps to fix this pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error if this is the problem.

  • You need to press the start button on the keyboard.
  • After that, click on the configurations tab.
  • Then, select update and security> Windows security.
  • After that, select protection against viruses.
  • Then, manage settings.
  • Click on the disable button.
  • That’s it.


So, that’s how you can fix the pii_pn_0e0266290157aafd80e4 error in Microsoft Outlook. It doesn’t matter if you’re running the Outlook app or encountering an error on the web version of Outlook, the above-mentioned solutions will help you fix the problem.

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