Why does the error pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6d occur in Outlook?

This problem occurs when someone tries to access the mail server via SSL encryption, and the relationship is no longer established. Furthermore, it may be feasible that SSL encryption is disabled for the email account. There are styles of encryption provided by SMTP servers for sending and receiving emails, namely, SSL and TLS. If encryption is no longer included due to incorrect settings, the mentioned errors may be noticed.

Now, when I encounter this error, I will provide an explanation.

Techniques and methods to Solve the pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6d Error in the Email

There are a couple of alternatives for the error such as pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6dand sometimes the problem of error resolves very quickly or within a seconds. We have listed all approaches you should strive on your PC to be in a position to remove this error in your Microsoft outlook express. But earlier than going to begin to make positive to have retorn the backup files on your PC.  Here we are going to share some methods and techniques to solve this kind of error from the email.

#1 Technique: pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6d: solve the error by auto repair tool on windows

This is a computerized restore device in your windows that can check the app. It can automatically solve the error if present in the Microsoft outlook. By this technique, fixed the outlook software program on your laptop easily.

  • Open the control panel on your PC or Laptop.
  • Pick up all the programs and attributes on the computer screen.
  • The listing found Microsoft outlook in that program.
  • Select all the alternatives to edit the error and pick out for repair.
  • A window runs automatically in the computer and the repair device will repair all roubles inside the software automatically without any difficulty.

After the profitable logging of the application, you have to restart the computer and open Microsoft outlook. After that, you will easily send emails to the receiver. If you still face the error pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6d then you can use another following technique for fixation of error.

#2 Technique: open and check server requirement set in the computer

  • To open the Microsoft Outlook software on the computer.
  • Next is go to the tools menu and click on outlook accounts on the computer screen.
  • Click the account that is inflicting the error problem and click on the properties section.
  • Make sure identification to decide whether or not it is set according to the electronic mail server.
  • Select extra settings, pick the outgoing server tab, and test whether or not outgoing server authentication is enabled or disabled.
  • Next, click the advanced tab and take a look at whether or not the SMTP and POP settings suit your email web hosting provider.
  • Select ok to save the settings after solving the computer.

After this, restart the Microsoft outlook app to make sure the error is solved or not.

#3 Technique: check all the duplicate account, select them and delete them from the PC

Yet you can’t find the answer? Let’s take a look at the duplicate accounts. It may want to additionally be the clarification for error pii_pn_0fd88a57c87b49f5aa6d and it may additionally even be viable to put off duplicate accounts. Just follow the below alternatives for this problem:

  • Open the outbox menu on the computer screen.
  • Click the settings of the accounts from the menu bar, and click on the mailing box.
  • Select the duplicate account inside the listing and pick out one.
  • Select the duplicate account and press the delete option to delete it.

After deleting all the duplicate accounts, open the Microsoft outlook software and attempting sending emails to the receiver.

#4 Technique: you can change your server port number to fix this error

  • Click Microsoft Outlook and open it.
  • Move to files and account settings.
  • Move to the email from the settings and choose your electronic mail account.
  • After this, click on more settings to fix the error and also select internet email settings on the email window.
  • After the exchange of the SMTP port number.
  • Select the OK button to save this account setting.


Microsoft Outlook has a lot of issues when it comes to sending emails, sometimes, you might run into issues that prevent you from accessing emails. Luckily, most of these errors or issues can be fixed easily with just a couple of tweaks in the settings. We hope the solutions shared in this article helped you in fixing the issues, make sure to share them with others who might be facing similar errors on their PC. Comment down below if you need help with anything else.

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