AMC produces a ton of hit TV shows, the best of them being “Breaking Bad” and “Walking Dead”. There are also other very appreciated productions, such as “Into the Badlands”, that just received a videogame. It’s called Into the Badlands: Blade Battle and we played it on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X.

This is a free title in the Play Store and it’s a one or two tap title, based on hardcore combat, that looks quite nifty. There are original characters from the TV show here and overall you’ll have 25+ heroes to play with. Each has a special power and a special affinity to some of the missions. Some will be fit for martial arts missions and some who carry a bat or sword may be fit for others.

Into the Badlands Blade Battle Review

There are boss battles and you’re awarded stars depending on the score you get and the time limit you fit into. Combos are also important for the score. Swiping on characters is used to parry, tapping is used to hit and you can also tap the environment to move around and dodge thrown knives for example. Bosses are a bit tougher because they have a big health meter and powerful attacks.

You can send characters to get chests. There are playing cards here, so if you get more of them for one character you can fuse them and level up the guy or gal. Each of these characters has an energy meter, so you’re limited to a few fights at a time and then you have to rest. Abilities can be unlocked and the graphics are quite nice, for an arcade fighter.

I’m talking about a detailed environment and some pretty good animations for attacks and foes. I liked the variety of level design and the pretty large maps, considering the genre of the game. Also, the special attacks have very badass animations. I’m sure Into the Badlands fans will love the game, particularly since it gets weekly updates related to episodes.

There are also alliances and PVP action. We give it a 9 out of 10 and you can get it here.

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