Lost Maze Review

I didn’t think you could reinvent puzzle games on mobile, but Mekorama proved me wrong. Cut from the same cloth is Lost Maze, which we reviewed below. This is an environmental puzzle game, that we tested on the Gionee S9 dual camera phone.

The title is free in the Play Store and it lets you control the environment ahead of the character, by spinning it. Thus, you will remove traps and nasty critters ahead of the main character. You can press play or pause to have your little guy advance or stop and see his trajectory drawn out ahead. Once you’re spinning areas of the map with swipes you will also trigger bridges, trampolines, and other helpful structures, that will aid you with your progress.

Environments are quite varied, ranging from fields to deserts, forests, and more, during the day and night. Unlockables have to do with the look of the character and there was also a special Chinese themed level at one point. You can unlock new characters, like penguins, sirens, and other funky critters, much like in Crossy Road. The aim here is to learn from experience and remember that your number of plays is limited, so you can’t go crazy, but rather calculate your movements.

At least you can watch an ad to get more “lives”. I’m loving the visuals here and the concept and I have to admit I haven’t seen such an approach before. An 8.5 out of 10 from us and you can download the game here.

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