A couple of weeks ago I came across a game that was called “Nonstop Knight”. It was an interesting tapper of sorts, where the battles happened automatically and we could only do upgrades and trigger special abilities. From the same company that made that title now comes Nonstop Chuck Norris, which is basically a reskinned version of Nonstop Knight.

Nonstop Chuck Norris Review

This time we’re controlling Chuck Norris, who is going to kick the behind of a large number of foes. He’ll do it automatically and all we have to do is perform upgrades, level the character up, and equip him with items, vests, branding irons, and even a selfie stick. The battles happen without your control and the character moves around dungeons by himself.

We played the game on the Huawei P9 Lite (2017) and as you can see, the title only runs in portrait mode. All we do in the game is activate a bunch of special abilities, that will create clones of Chuck, do a special kick or throw some thunderbolts towards the enemies. There’s also a shop with items, potions, and weapons, where you will spend your hard-earned coins. There’s no energy meter here, but there are a leaderboard and some achievements, that will bring you gems.

It’s a very basic title, but nothing beats the humor of seeing Chuck Norris with a horse’s head-slapping people with a selfie stick. There’s also a section where you’re shown random Chuck Norris facts to laugh at. Overall, a campy experience that’s usually fun, but also repetitive. A 7 out of 10 from us and you can get the game here.

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