There’s more to a YouTuber’s life than simply recording videos it seems and now there’s a simulator that puts us in the shoes of such an Internet star. It comes from none other than PewDiePie and it’s called PewdiePie’s Tuber Simulator, available for free in the Play Store. We played it on the OnePlus 3 and had some fun with it.

This is a bit of a niche title since it’s meant for hardcore fans of PewDiePie and maybe a few other people. The gameplay involves creating videos by following the latest trends and spending your hard-earned cash on stuff to adorn your rooms with. Timers are all over the place since videos take time to be loaded online and the objects you buy take time to be delivered to your house.

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator Review

You can buy a ton of items, from mousepads to consoles, posters, tables, pillows, statues, and what have you. You can customize your YouTuber’s clothes, looks and more, and research new topics of videos. It’s all done via tapping, tapping, and tapping again. You can create multiple rooms with multiple YouTubers and connect to other people and visit their room and channel, plus maybe send a gift.

The game lacks a competitive area, so there are no fighting, battle, or opponents. It’s an evolving game, that involves making virtual videos, getting resources, and spending them on items. It’s for the maniacs who like to customize a virtual room and there’s also a mini-game with Pewds’ pug, that falls between some balls, and the award will be decreased waiting time for deliveries.

In the end, the game is not very special or challenging, so we give it a 7.5 out of 10. You can get it here.

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