Riptide GP Renegade Review

If you’ve followed our activity online, you probably know we’re related to the sites and We test handsets there and our tests involve, aside from benchmarks, gaming tests. Usually we relied on an Asphalt or Riptide title and when Riptide GP Renegade arrived, the torch was passed to it for benchmarks in gaming. Now we review the title.

It was priced at $3 at debut time and it came to life on August 19th. It was actually released earlier on the PS4, back in July and it comes from the same Vector Unit as before. This is a title that involves racing with hydrojets and pulling crazy stunts, by spinning in the air, after jumping on ramps or waves. You can upgrade your hydrojets, apply decals and more.

The campaign features a Story mode, with various groups taunting you and then racing you, plus the police getting in your way. There are also challenges and leaderboads and multiplayer races of course, although those didn’t function properly for a few weeks after the game was released. Split screen racing is also available here. The graphics are excellent and one thing that’s lacking is a higher degree of customization, like we had before. I’m talking about all the graphical aspects, shades, frame rate, performance, all the good stuff.

Now we only have a few modes and that’s it. You race against 7 rivals, in challenges like Elimination, Slalom, Duel or achieving a high level of stunt points. There’s lot of environment design variety here. The physics are excellent here and the water looks great, plus the lighting is well done. You have a variety of skill points to spend and perks and skills to unlock.

I’d say that mobile gaming has finally reached console level, but somehow all of this has been done before. While the game is appealing and nice to play, it doesn’t innovate at a core level as much as its predecessors. We’re doing the same things we did before, pulling stunts for turbo boosts and that’s it. Tracks do seem a bit bigger and we also have “boss races”.

It’s annoying we have to memorize tricks for the point gathering levels and I found the music rather generic. The controls are implemented in excellent fashion and the game was comfy to play on the LeEco Le Max 2. Quite the achievement and we give it a 9.5 out of 10. Maybe use better music next time! You can get ther game here.

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