Remember Newgrounds? It was a site filled with cool Flash animations and games and one of them involved tossing a turtle. Well, that title just got a follow-up and it’s called Super Toss the Turtle. It’s free in the Play Store and we played it on the UMi Plus E handset.

The aim is to fire your turtle (or future unlocked characters) from a cannon, slingshot, or other types of machines and achieve as big a distance as possible. The graphics are quite nice and there are a ton of achievements to unlock. The turtle can’t only be shot from the cannon and that’s it, it also has to bounce around on other enemies and traps, plus you can shoot it with 3 projectiles and use items you buy as extras to increase bounce.

Super Toss the Turtle Review

You have to use the gun and shoot right below the dropping creature, as it heads towards the ground, to achieve a larger bounce and make sure you gain extra meters. You can unlock new cannons, new weapons to shoot afterward and even some items, like maybe jetpacks, grenades, and other things. I have to mention the descriptions are quite humorous for those items.

The graphics are quite funky and the menus all include creepy little fellows, characters with overly large eyes, and so forth. You can achieve money bags as you fly around and your meters also count towards the final score. Things are rather expensive here, so you have to re-do jumps a lot to unlock stuff. We give this game a 7.5 out of 10.

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