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T20 World Cup Prediction

T20 World Cup Prediction, Former India coach Ravi Shastri feels his team’s current crop of batsmen at the ICC Men’s T20 World Cup is the greatest he has ever seen. Shastri was in charge of India in last year’s T20 World Cup, when the Asian side won just three of five matches and failed to advance to the knockout rounds. With the recent emergence of Suryakumar Yadav and the re-introduction of experienced finisher Dinesh Karthik in the middle order, India’s batting line-up seems to be more established after nearly a year at the T20 World Cup Prediction.

T20 World Cup Prediction

Despite the absence of crucial fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah due to injury on the T20 World Cup Prediction, Shastri believes India’s hitters can help the side reach the semi-finals this time. “I have been part of the system for the past six and a half years, first as a coach and now as an observer, and I believe this is the best line-up India has ever had in T20 cricket,” Shastri said during a press conference at the Mumbai Press Club.

“Having Surya (Yadav) at No.4, Hardik (Pandya) at No.5 at the T20 World Cup Prediction, and Rishabh Pant or Dinesh Karthik at No.6 makes a huge difference because it enables the top order to play the way they do.” Shastri, on the other hand, is worried about India’s fielding, stating that the squad would need to improve in this area throughout the tournament.

T20 World Cup Prediction

“Fielding is one area that India will have to take up and start from the beginning,” he remarked. “They must practice hard and bring their A-game to the field when they face Pakistan in the opening game at the T20 World Cup Prediction. “Those 15-20 runs you save may make all the difference because otherwise, every time you bat, you need to gain 15-20 runs more.”

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Shastri believes that games can be won on the field at the T20 World Cup Prediction, citing Sri Lanka’s recent win at the Asia Cup, when the island country took a slew of crucial catches on the field during a nail-biting final against Pakistan. “Teams like Australia, England, and South Africa field like crazy,” Shastri said.

T20 World Cup Prediction

“Consider what Sri Lanka performed in the Asia Cup in terms of fielding at the T20 World Cup Prediction. They won a close game against Pakistan thanks to their fielding.” On October 23, India will play archrival Pakistan at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, followed by matches against South Africa in Perth, Bangladesh in Adelaide, and two teams from the First Round.

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