There’s such a game genre as a “tapper” nowadays, a game that involves obsessively tapping on the screen in order to attack or perform other actions. Such a title is the Tap Titans 2 game, which we played on the Motorola Moto Z and reviewed for you below.

The game is free in the Play Store and it involves thousands if not more battles, happening in succession. After about a dozen monsters a boss will come and he has to be defeated within a time limit, otherwise you lose the whole battle and you go back to the first round of the level. You can unlock a ton of abilities, weapons, pets, secondary characters, and equipment.

Tap Titans 2 Review

Some of the secondary guys will attack automatically, dealing damage even when you’re away from the device. The idea is to get as much cash as possible and enjoy the nifty animations available on the top part of the screen. There’s an impressive variation of monster renders and the backgrounds and characters aren’t half bad. However, in the end, the game is still a tapper, there’s no story here and there’s no extra layer of complexity to make the game more appealing.

There’s a slight Samurai Jack vibe here, which is a compliment for any game out there. We give it an 8 out of 10 and you can get it here.

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